Shopkins Coloring Pages

Shopkins is a series of tiny, collectible toys from Australia’s Moose Toys. These toys take the form of various items in everyday life, such as cakes, apples, chocolate bars, lipsticks, bread grills, bed lights, and others.

Each Shopkins character has its own name, character, and unique habits. Currently, there are a total of hundreds of types of Shopkins that are mostly collected by toy collectors. This toy has been around since 2014, and already has many types of toys.

Shopkins is quite popular among children. Apart from toys, there are also some animated films:

  • Shopkins: Cheef Club (2016)
  • Shopkins: World Vacation (2017) and
  • Shopkins: Wild (2018).

Your child will surely enjoy the shopkins coloring activity since they really love these cute characters. See the various cute and adorable shopkins image collections that we have provided.